Dear Momma, You Are Doing a Fabulous Job…

I suck at this Mom thing.

Or at least feel like I do.

And while my head knows it’s not true, my heart sends a different message.

Why My Cocktail Is Good For Everyone Around Me

I may run so I don’t kill my kids, but I drink so I don’t kill the rest of them. Okay, maybe that’s too strong, I drink so I don’t lose my shit with them.


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Just Get Your Butt To The Doctor!

It’s National Women’s Health Week, a week to empower women to make their health a priority and to take steps to improve their health.

Seems like something we Moms should be good at, right? After all that’s what we do, take care of people, right?!?

Naturally, you’re up to date on all of your preventive maintenance. Right?


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A Tribute To All Of The Moms In My Life

Just when you thought the Mother’s Day posts had to be done, here’s yet another…

What started as a Facebook post ended in a realization…there are soooooo many mothers who have impacted my life, who have taught me how to be a mom, who have made me a better mom, really, it’s an amazing list!

The most obvious? Of course, my own momma who gave birth to me and has guided me every day since. Through good and bad, thick and thin, and everything in between and had the grace and confidence to let other mommas do the same.

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A Mother’s Day Gift For All Moms

The best I can...

As a Mom, I spend a lot of time reflecting on the job I’m doing – usually when things aren’t going well. #2 is failing a class; #1 isn’t as confident as he should be; #3 hasn’t done this week’s homework…the list goes on and on.

And there it is, that little voice in my head nagging me about all of the things I should have, could have, would have done differently…

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How to Show Your Daycare Provider You Appreciate Them

Today is National Child Care Appreciation Day – the designated day to recognize daycare providers. Ridiculous really. These miracle workers deserve recognition every day, after all, they keep my child entertained and alive in my absence.  And in the process, they take him off my hands so I don’t kill him!

Having had at least one child in daycare for 12 years straight, I’ve learned a thing or two. And not to brag, but those day care providers love me! Not that it matters, but it has translated to them paying a little bit of extra special attention to my kids over the years!

My secret? Five easy things….

Learn their names…and use them!
I  cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched parents snub the daycare teacher. For the love of God, they are people too! And they just spent their entire day watching your little fucker, angel!  Show that you care by just learning their name.

Spend a few minutes chatting with them.
While you’re at it, talk to them.  They spend all day babysitting a bunch of kids they have no reason to like.  Trust me on this one…it’s worth your time to act like a decent human being and chat them up for a few.

Teach your kids some manners
Their job is much easier when their class is filled with kids who act like decent little people. When their job is easier, they tend to be better engaged and frankly happier.

Say thank you
Every single time you drop off and pick up your child. There is no easier, cheaper, truer way to appreciate someone than a sincere thank you.  Especially someone in a thankless, underpaying job. While you’re at it, teach your child to do the same (see previous point).

Buy a dozen bagels
Doesn’t have to be bagels…cookies, candy, flowers, Starbucks gift cards, alcohol, alcohol is always a hit, it doesn’t matter, it’s the thought that counts! Trust me, they make far less than you do and just a little bit of appreciation goes a long way.  And really, who doesn’t love a random treat? Bonus idea: include a note thanking them for being a part of your family’s village. Seriously, could you do it without them? A note takes no time at all…here, borrow my template. “It takes a village…thanks for being a part of ours!”

So there you have it, my secrets to appreciating those saints dressed up like day care teachers! And if you, like me, didn’t do anything for them this morning, well work on the basics and try the bagels another time.

How One Mom’s Tragedy Made Me Rethink Mother’s Day

Once upon a time there were two cousins, Big Shannon (that’s me) and Little Shannon (my cousin). In reality, it was my Dad and her Mom that were cousins, but it didn’t matter…they loved the time they spent together.

As it happens and they both got older, their lives went separate ways their paths crossing only intermittently at the less frequent family reunions.

Big Shannon being the older of the two (hence the “Big” in the nickname) was the first to have a child…a boy…and then she got married and a second son entered the picture…and then she got pregnant and #3 entered the scene.

About the time #3 came along, Little Shannon got married and eventually had a beautiful baby girl. And the cousins continued to live their separate lives intersecting only through Facebook.

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Children’s Day

I died when I stumbled on this one. For years my kids have complained every year on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that there is no Kid’s Day. And we’ve always told them every day is Kid’s Day.

It is, isn’t it? Doesn’t every single day of my life revolve around taking care of my kids?

Yep, it sure does.

Well, apparently I was wrong about Children’s Day, it does exist….

In Mexico.

And it’s today.

But dear children of mine, unless we move to Mexico, we won’t be celebrating Children’s Day.

After all, in our house, every day is Children’s Day.