My Struggle With My Struggling Child

Homework Time with Struggling ChildAs a Mom, helping our kids is second nature. It’s something we do without a second thought. It’s what moms do, right? I’ve never even considered there might be a time when I wouldn’t be able to help.

But #3 is having a tough time at school and suddenly I’ve found myself thrust into a situation where I have no skills to help my struggling child. None. Zip. Nada.

And it sucks.

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Running Ourselves Ragged – It’s What Moms Do

Woman laying in bed reading a bookUgg…it was 10:37 on a Saturday night; I was wide awake; I was still dressed; I was at home, and not a sip of alcohol had crossed my lips.

I was completely exhausted. And yet there I was, watching the clock waiting to leave the house. Why? Because that’s what moms do!

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How This Momma Is Handling The Vegas Shooting

Triumphant Woman at beach on a cloudy day

I’m sick. Absolutely sick. I’m sick of guns, sick of the shootings, sick of the debate, sick of the arguing, sick or our inability to have a conversation about guns, sick of the NRA, sick of whoever the opposite of the NRA is, I’m sick of the constant news coverage, frankly, I’m sick of it all.

Actually, what I’m most sick of is having to explain this shit to my kids.

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Dear Teenage Son, I Promise, I Love You

Back of teenage boyDearest Teenage Son,

I love you more than anything.

I know that’s probably hard for you to believe sometimes. I know it probably doesn’t feel that way sometimes. Especially as you’ve gotten older.

And I’m sorry about that.

But let me be clear, being a tough love Momma, having high expectations, holding you responsible for your actions isn’t about not loving you. Just the opposite…it’s all about loving you.  Continue reading “Dear Teenage Son, I Promise, I Love You”

How One Facebook Post Inspired Me To Frame Life With Gratitude

Woman who frames life with gratitudeA friend of mine posted something on Facebook the other day about how she is trying to frame life with gratitude. It really struck me and it really stuck with me.

You know how sometimes something just strikes you in that way? In that stick with you kind of way? In that mind blown kind of way? It was one of those moments for me.

It was a simple premise starting with, “I’ve been replacing my “I’m sorry’s with ” thank you’s…

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The Perspective I Gained When Cancer Killed My Husband

Woman holding sparklersPerspective – what a gift. Although it didn’t feel like a gift when it was given to me.

16 years ago, I sat on the edge of a hospital bed and watched #2’s Dad lose his battle with cancer (yes, f’in cancer) and take his final breath.

In that moment, my life changed forever.

And while I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy, I wouldn’t choose it as my life, I also wouldn’t want it any other way.

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What This Momma Will Say To Her Kids About the NFL Protests

Football is one of my favorite things about fall. It still amazes me how a game can unite people from all walks of life. But this weekend, a weekend filled with NFL protests was different.

Sadly, rather than pulling us together, those protests seem to have torn us apart. Torn us apart and created some uncomfortable conversations with our kids.  Continue reading “What This Momma Will Say To Her Kids About the NFL Protests”