About Me

Shannon Mika here, Chief Momma and creator of This Mom Shit is Hard.

Shannon Mika - This Mom Shit is Hard

A little bit about me…

I’m  a proud Denver native and a full-time working Mom with three boys…one his (aka #1), one mine (aka #2) , one ours (aka #3)… #1 a product of divorce , #2 a product of a death and #3 the product of our marriage…one who can legally drink, one who wants to and a third who has just learned to read…

When I’m not working, driving kids around or doing the typical mom thing, I write, mostly on this blog, but also for the Denver Metro Moms Blog. While I write for me, I’m honored to have been published on Project Hot Mess , Scary Mommy and Red Tricycle.

I frequently find myself talking about motherhood with other women. And guess what, as different as we all are, we’re not all that different. I don’t have all of the answers,  but I promise you this, through it all – the joy, the heartbreak, the guilt, the laughs, the tears, the fear, the days we’re hanging by a thread – I’m a firm believer in one thing:  we’re all just doing the best we can! And most days…it’s good enough.

So, come on. Join me on this journey, this organized chaos, this shit show, and have a few laughs along the way. I bet you’ll find you’re doing just fine.