When Being A Supermom Makes You Feel Alone

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15 Responses

  1. Akyn says:

    Yes , I would agree with you parenting is sometimes difficult especially if the husband and wife has a different views about it.

  2. Darn straight you will continue to be Supermom! You are actually doing a great job at the moment but with more fair share of help coming your way you will be unstoppable! It’s so great you identified that as an issue and when you ask, the help that is needed will be a big part of propelling you even further forward to greater happiness with your family. Go gal!

  3. RM says:

    Your definetly a supermom and your doing a great job!

  4. Being a mom has so many ups and downs. We all need a break, but the second we get one, we feel guilty and miss the moments with the kids and family. I get it 100% mama. It’s a tough balance.

  5. Ana says:

    Being a mom can be super rewarding and super lonely at the same time. I think this is a completely normal feeling and I am glad you wrote about it. That is what my goal is – to spread truth out there. Not everything is sunshine and roses. I loved it!

    • MikaShan says:

      Lol – definitely not all sunshine and roses! Glad (and sorry) that it hit home! Thanks for popping by, I hope you’ll visit again.

  6. Debrah McCabe says:

    I’m 62 and I can remember feeling exactly like you when my kids were young and you know what, I still feel like that a lot. Kids are gone years ago, husband is alternating between playing his computer game, looking at the internet, fiddling with his camera and so far, I’ve done the cooking, vacuuming, washed the dishes, started the laundry, and he just walked in and said, when are we eating!!! It never changes.

    And it seems to me that it’s not so much that we don’t ask as we keep hoping they’ll figure it out and offer. Well kudo’s to you for doing the excellent job of juggling that you are and just know that you aren’t alone! Lots of ‘sisters’. Great post by the way, love the honesty and heart.

  7. you are an awesome supermom, and i like how you’ve touched on something I think a lot of parents feel!

  8. There are so many parents—moms especially—who will be able to relate to exactly what you described here. Working through parenting decisions with a partner is hard, especially when you’re both coming from different perspectives of what parenting should look like. Sending you hugs—you may feel alone, but you’re certainly not the only one feeling that way, mama. Xoxo.

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