Why I Laugh When You Think It’s Inappropriate


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I was sitting at the pool the other day recounting the self-described evil I thing I did to an annoying sales guy the other day. It was one of those if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry moments. This guy wanted to do business with us, and I finally decided to give him a test market (only to appease someone else). I was supposed to call him with credit card information and to be honest, I wasn’t in a hurry to do it.

So, I didn’t. And he proceeded to call and email me eleven times over the course of the  next three hours. Totally annoying (not to mention inappropriate for a sales guy). I ignored it all.

But, I did email him the next day,

“Annoying Sales Guy, my apologies that I didn’t get back to you yesterday. My Dad is in hospice and I had to run out yesterday afternoon.”

True? The hospice part, yes. The run out part, no. I simply made a conscious decision to ignore him.

And  then it happened, I got that horrified look from the Mom sitting next to me.

And then it got awkward.

If i don’t laugh, I’ll cry

Ironic that I stumbled upon a quote yesterday by one of my mom’s favorites, Erma Bombeck,  “If you can’t make it better, laugh at it.”

Yep, that pretty much sums up my go to life strategy. I cannot count how many times I’ve muttered the words, “If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry.” Pretty much the same thing.

Life really is a shit show sometimes, there are many days I’m simply hanging by a thread. But I’m determined to not let it get the best of me. For me, that means laughter, and lots of it!

Sometimes it’s self deprecating.

Sometimes it’s just irreverent, inappropriate humor.

And sometimes, it may make you uncomfortable (see anecdote above).

If it does, I’m sorry.

Life can be so stressful, true. It’s just too short to let it stress us out…but yet we all seem to let it do just that. For me, finding humor in a situation, especially a stressful situation, helps me cope. Laughing at life is my go to way of getting through a tough time. And truly, if I don’t laugh, I might cry.

Nothing wrong with crying, I’m a crier, I can cry with the best of them, but I prefer to do it by myself (usually in the shower). Nothing wrong with crying in public, I just prefer not to. So instead, I laugh.

And I love the way it makes me feel. I love the infectiousness of a laugh. I love how laughter makes other people smile. And, bonus, laughing is really freaking good for you! Laughter truly is “the best medicine!”

So, my friends. When you find yourself sitting with me and I laughingly tell a story that makes you just a little uncomfortable – forgive me. I promise you, I’m laughing only so I don’t cry.

Trust me…it’s better this way

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