Are We The Only Family Talking About Sex At Dinner?

close up of stressed momAbout a week ago, number 3 informed us he knew the ins and outs of “relations.” Yep, he sure does and he’s only seven!!!  Acccckkkk, aren’t you supposed to learn about Santa Claus before sex?!?!?

Apparently not at my house!- please don’t judge! With a houseful of boys anything can happen (clearly)! So, naturally the conversation at dinner turned to talking about sex, which I suppose shouldn’t be a surprise since 99.9% of our dinner conversations include at least one of the three p’s: pee, poop, or penis.

Anyway, on this particular night in attendance were all three boys (ages 21,15 &7) my hubby, me; the conversation goes something like this…. Continue reading “Are We The Only Family Talking About Sex At Dinner?”

I Dread Mother’s Day

Lone woman leaning out of windowIt’s coming. I feel it. It’s gnawing at me now…the feeling that I’m going to be disappointed on Mother’s Day, again. Maybe it’s because that’s how it always seems to go, maybe it’s because my hubby made a comment about the whole weekend being ruined, maybe it’s because the same man mentioned something about brunch on Mother’s Day and then didn’t do anything about and then was irritated with me…maybe it’s the fact that there were no gifts on Mother’s Day last year. Continue reading “I Dread Mother’s Day”

Kicked Out By My Kid!

Exit sign

It happened, the defining moment, the moment I knew was coming, the one I knew to expect, the one I hoped would come…just maybe not yet….

My 14 year old, when given the choice, asked me to exit the exam room for his physical. Continue reading “Kicked Out By My Kid!”

The Poop Problem

I’m no novice to poop – I’ve been doing it since I was born; I babysat my entire teenage life, I’ve been parenting for 13 years, we’ve got two dogs…but honestly, I’ve about had it with my youngest’s poop problem!

My sweet baby child has been potty trained since he was three and truly it’s been smooth sailing. Sure, he may have the stinkiest shit in the house and he has a knack for needing to go every time we’re out to eat, always when my dinner is served, but recently he’s become a serial middle of the night pooper.

The first few (25) times I held it together, but how many days in a row can a mom be expected to wash soiled sheets and underwear before she loses it?!?!!!?!? Continue reading “The Poop Problem”

A Real Life Conversation Between Moms

Back of woman, sitting near a window, typing on a computer

Yep, this email exchange is 100%, bonafide for real between me and my best friend…also a working mom…a real life conversation between moms

Me @ 9:33 pm : Got home from book club tonight, kid’s asleep in my bed and his sheets are still in the damn dryer…are you serious?!??  One night, can’t I have just ONE night?  Oh, did I mention the pan of cookies that is sitting on the counter?  Grrrrrrrrr….

Me @ 6:43 am:  Oh and it gets better….open up same kids’s backpack to get his lunch box and find the “Surprise Box” homework which needs to be returned to school today!   Aaarrggggggggggggg!

Friend @ 9:58 am: If they were single, nothing would get done, our kids would have dirty clothes, dirty bodies, dirty teeth, food would be rotting in their lunchboxes, they’d flunk out of school, no one would change a light bulb, a roll of toilet paper, put a new bar of soap in the shower, feed the dog, buy birthday presents, unload the dishwasher, wipe up a spill

Me @ 10:50 am:  ….sheets would never get cleaned, bills would never get paid, manners would be gone for good, my kids would weigh 300 pounds and have TVs in their bedrooms….

Friend @ 5:43 pm: This was fun in a sick kind of way.

Gotta have a friend like this!