Why This Tired Mom Makes The Choice To Be Just That

I read an article today titled “Women in midlife aren’t sleeping enough, study says.”

Well, no kidding – I’m tired all the time. Who has time to sleep? Of course I was intrigued, so I clicked through – lots of talk about hormones causing the sleep problem. Huh?

Okay, I admit, the hormones are probably contributing to the lack of sleep, but trust me they aren’t the reason I’m tired.  Continue reading “Why This Tired Mom Makes The Choice To Be Just That”

Why I Laugh When You Think It’s Inappropriate

woman laughingI was sitting at the pool the other day recounting the self-described evil I thing I did to an annoying sales guy the other day. It was one of those if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry moments. Continue reading “Why I Laugh When You Think It’s Inappropriate”

Why Saying I Love You Can’t Wait One More Minute

There are four words I’ve dreaded saying for months.

Four words I’ve avoided saying or writing about publicly.

Four words I’ve known would be inevitable.

Those four words?

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Why I Assume You All Have Good Intentions

Woman with chin in handsYears ago I was previewing a training video for work, what the video was about, I can’t begin to tell you, but there was one line that struck me:

“…always assume the best of intentions.”

And that advice has stuck with me ever since. Continue reading “Why I Assume You All Have Good Intentions”

Self Forgiveness – A Must For Mommas

Woman sitting by water reflecting about forgiveness“If only I….”
“I should have….”
“Why didn’t I….”

Sound familiar?

Of course it does. It seems to be the way we work, wishing we had done things differently.


And then we replay it over and over and over again. Beating ourselves up each and every time.

Why? Why are we so hard on ourselves? Is self-forgiveness really so damn hard? Continue reading “Self Forgiveness – A Must For Mommas”

Life Lessons Learned From The Death Of Our Dog

Bog hugging dogOur beloved dog died this morning while I was at work. It wasn’t unexpected, Dakota was 14 and had been sick for a while. Still a sad day in our house, especially for #3.

Despite the sadness, there is a silver lining…the death of the dog has provided some valuable life lessons for my kiddo.

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Why This Momma Has Stopped Giving Gifts (Almost)

I’m done giving gifts. Well, kind of. I should clarify, I’m done giving stuff as gifts.

This new strategy started with my Mom and Dad. I love my parents more than anything. But, there are things about them that make me crazy (and I’m sure that one works both ways!) One of those things? Their tendency to keep anything and everything under the sun. I love, love, love that they recycle, that they reuse, but there are things that just aren’t recyclable! And they have tons of it…

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Why I’m Saying Yes To Sleepovers This Summer!

feet sticking out from coversSleepovers, one word that elicits that look from moms of all walks of life. That look of dread, that look of defeat, that look of annoyance, that look of horror. One word that makes Moms from all walks of life cringe. Why are sleepovers are among the most hated rites of passage during childhood?

The Big Ask

It starts with the ask. You always know it’s coming, you can feel it. It’s preceded by lots of giggling, a few conspiratorial glances your way, some whispering, a few more glances your direction before it comes, “Mom, can we have a sleepover?”

Noooooooooo…. Continue reading “Why I’m Saying Yes To Sleepovers This Summer!”