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For all of the things my kids do that make me crazy, the back talk, the messes, the arguments about any and everything, the socks in every single room in the house, I know they really are good kids.

And this week, I got proof.

My dear #3 came home the other day insistent that he wanted to do something for Mr. John’s birthday…who is Mr. John?

In my mind? The head of the before and after school program, the guy I’ve met a handful of times.

In #3’s mind? The greatest thing since sliced bread.

Frankly, doing something for Mr. John’s birthday was the last thing I wanted to do…not a road I want to go down, buying gifts for the birthday of every human being we cross paths with. But #3 was insistent – so insistent that he was willing to spend $5 of his own money to buy Mr. John a Starbucks card. As much as I wanted to insist he save his money and just make a card, I went with it…ultimately, it is his hard earned money.

So off we went, $5 in hand. Imagine the surprise of the baristas when he asked for a $5 gift card and whipped out his wallet.

The best part, not the nice note I got from Mr. John, but the fact that I could say “that was all #3…purchased with his own money.”

My heart swelled with pride…my sweet #3 coming through once again!

It’s so easy to focus on our shortcomings, our failures, our disappointment with ourselves for the every day bullshit we all deal with:  the house is a mess; the laundry is folded but still sitting in the living room; I bailed on a friend’s birthday celebration; I paid the cable bill late (again); #1 is having trouble with his apartment…again; #2 is failing chemistry; #3 doesn’t know his multiplication tables…

But you know what? None of it matters in the grand scheme of thing because through it all, they are becoming decent human beings…just ask Mr. John!

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