Running Ourselves Ragged – It’s What Moms Do

Woman laying in bed reading a bookUgg…it was 10:37 on a Saturday night; I was wide awake; I was still dressed; I was at home, and not a sip of alcohol had crossed my lips.

I was completely exhausted. And yet there I was, watching the clock waiting to leave the house. Why? Because that’s what moms do!

Let me set the scene for you. It was Homecoming for #2’s girlfriend…and she lives an hour from us…and he wasn’t driving…yet.

That day was one of those days, those long, exhausting, it’s what moms do kind of days…

How that day unfolded

Eyes open at 3:53 (yes, am)…with a bit of help from my hubby. Back to sleep until 6:00, drag myself out of bed, warm up some coffee, and start working in the bathroom on the remodel…where I stay for the next seven hours. Run a toothbrush across my teeth, put on some mascara and jump in the car to take #2 to his girlfriend’s house…an hour from home.

Supervise #2 for an hour of driving, shoot a text to the soccer moms to make sure they know that I will be there to pick up #3. Drop off #2, switch seats, drive back the way we came. Catch the last 5 minutes of #3’s soccer game…more driving, this time to my own home.

Arrive home, change into remodel clothes, spend another two hours in the bathroom – all while exchanging texts to organize a play date, popcorn pickup (for the entire pack) and a sleep over.

Change back into presentable clothing, eat a quick dinner, run to Lowe’s and Home Depot (always fun with two eight year olds), help hubby load 583 pounds of tile, help hubby unload that same 583 pounds of tile, make hot chocolate, clean up the kitchen, put kids to bed…

Watch 48 Hours while hubby falls asleep, sneak out of bedroom, desperate to stay awake, consider organizing prizes for popcorn sale, and say fuck it, get coffee ready for the morning, type blog post while waiting to drive that same hour long drive to pick up #2…

It still wasn’t time to leave. It occurred to me that I could edit this post and add in something quippy about how all of this running myself ragged shows my love for the people in my life who take me for granted. But I didn’t because while that is absolutely true, it’s simpler than that…

It’s what moms do!

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