Why this blog?

So, why this blog?

As a working mother of three boys…one his, one mine, one ours…one a product of divorce, one a product of a death and one the product of our marriage…one who can legally drink, one who wants to and a third who has just learned to read…one who barely graduated high school, one who is highly gifted (with no common sense) and one who is savvy beyond his years…I frequently find myself talking about motherhood with other women. For some strange reason, some of them think I have the answers…trust me, I don’t!

I do know one thing; I work my ass off, at work, at home, at school, at whatever else I may find myself, and one thing is for sure…this mom shit is hard!

Okay, maybe I know two things. I know I’m just like every other Mom (and Dad) out there, just doing the best job I can. And you know what? It’s it’s usually good enough!

So, come on. Join me on this journey, this organized chaos, this shit show, and have a few laughs along the way. I bet you’ll find you’re doing just fine.